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GAIA Productions offer you the best quality Digital Printing on Bonaire.
Our professional team will help you to make your image sharpy and catchy.
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File Formats

The files accepted by GAIA Pro

  1. pdf - Portable Document Format
  2. cdr - CorelDraw™
  3. eps - Encapsulated Postscript
  4. psd - Adobe Photoshop
  5. tif - TIFF bitmap
  6. jpg - Jpeg bitmap
  7. bmp - bitmap

Client (Distributor) is responsible for all artwork releases, permissions and licenses.


Vector files in the native graphics format are preferred over bitmaps, especially if enlarging a graphic for wide-format output. Include fonts or convert fonts to curves. All submitted raster/bitmap files should be 150ppi to 200ppi* at print size. 150ppi is usually acceptable if transferring to fabrics. 200ppi is better for transferring to other hard substrates. If it is a bitmap file, Tiffs are preferred. * Resize image in Photoshop to the intended print size without "resampling" it to determine ppi (pixels per inch).


Please use the RGB color space when creating new graphics* and when submitting any and all artwork**. Digitally captured or scanned photos default to RGB color. We will certainly accept CMYK and other color spaces in the artwork, but we usually get better results in RGB. 

Kaya Industria 15 C5/6, Kralendijk
Bonaire, Caribbean Netherlands

Email: info@gaiapro.com
Phone: +(599) 717 3505

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